• I Won't Let Go3:47

Michael Calhoun Tucker is an extraordinary storyteller!  In his first book The Crackers:"The Legend of Jessie B. Tucker", his prowess as a writer comes alive as he weaves the historical facts about the family's legends and myths into a compelling novel.  Filling in the gaps lost to history, Michael takes you on an adventure only he could create.  Part fiction, part fact, completely entertaining, Jessie B. and his extended family are Michael's story.

Born and raised in rural central Florida, he's lived and absorbed the very fabric of the Crackers.  Michael embodies the voice of his Scots/Irish and Creek Indian ancestors in this exciting novel , entwined in his storytelling are lessons of the spirit and the heart, reflecting this complex man and his unique style of writing.

The Crackers: "The Legend of Jessie B. Tucker" and the second novel in this exciting series"TUCKERTOWN"  are both now available at Amazon.com  in paperback and e-book.  Look up Michael Calhoun Tucker at Amazon.com and purchase this exciting novel.