Because of the pandemic I cancelled all festivals for the year.  Happy to announce that starting in October I will be doing festivals again.  Watch here for my schedule.

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 Jake and Hawk, the story continues with Jessie and Two Worlds, teaching  their grandsons to be men.  Of course there are cattle drives and adventures enough for everyone.  Jessie and Belle have some adventures, the Lake has some sadness and some triumphs.  The two young men earn their feathers and become men of the Double T Ranch.  Love and tragedy shape the lives of these two, they are the future of the Ranch as Jessie and Red Sun are getting up in years.  Be sure to look here for information on the website and at events to purchase your copy of  "THE CRACKERS---- JAKE AND HAWK"  Copies will also be available on Amazon if you can't make it in person, to get a signed copy and your picture taken with the author. 

The Crackers Series

                                                     Pandemic's  bright spot!  


The Cracker series newest book is almost done!  I have been working on it during the pandemic, I took advantage of the time and it's coming along great.  A teaser for you!